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Book Reviews

Hello. This Section is designed to help you choose a book. I have read all of the books that i put on here and i have put the ones on which i think will be benificial to you. The books i have listed are mainly for beginners. If you want to purchase any of these books then please click on the amazon link and it will take you directly to amazon where you can buy the book there.

Teen Witch by Silver RavenWolf... A great book for Teen Witches Highly Recommended!

Book: - Teen Witch

Author: - Silver RavenWolf

Teen Witch is a book on Wicca for teenagers written by Silver RavenWolf. Silver RavenWolf has written many books on Wicca and she is a Wicca High Priestess of the Black Forest Clan as well as the director of the International Wiccan/Pagan Press Alliance.

The Book is written in an easy bite size way so that it is easy to understand and so that Wicca is available for teenagers to practice and to incorporate into their lives. RavenWolf even includes a section for parents to read so that they also understand the Craft that their children are studying.

RavenWolf fills the book with humour and true American expression to give the reader light relief and to make it an enjoyable experience to read the book. RavenWolf also uses examples upon which the reader can use to develop their own rituals or use the ones provided in the book.

As well as ritual guidelines and examples there is also a very good spell selection in the back of the book for teens alike to practice. RavenWolf also emphasises the importance of the craft and that how you should be properly prepared before entering the world of Wicca and that you should know everything that you are doing. RavenWolf also talks about drug alcohol and black magick issues surrounding the craft. She also provides a suggested reading list of other great authors in order for you to continue your Wicca studies.

I think that Silver RavenWolf is by far one of the best authors of a Teenage Witch book as the text is presented easily, and understandable. There are some areas in the book where I find that she doesn’t go into enough depth with such as petition magick. Overall though I would have to give the book 9.5 /10

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