Also called Snape's Dungeon or the Potions Classroom

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From left to right

  • The Corridor leading to the Classroom. ( I'm not sure that's what they look like, but I reckon they must look alike.)
  • Notice the number of entrance and the dark atmosphere too. That's why I thought this was a good representation of what the Dungeons must look like.
  • See below in the book version for its exact location

  • Doors or Passageway entrance (I think this is what the entrance of the Dungeon must look like)

  • Bottles of large batch of potions or ingredients are lying all around the walls.  
  • Inward columns stand near the walls and in the middle of the classroom. However, in Snape's office, such columns are inexistent.  The problem is that the classroom is supposed to be directly connected to Snape's office.  That proves strange that the design of the two rooms are so different.  They still have the big roof arches, but not the columns.
  • Notice the small shelves support in front of each of them.  They are small and look like small rod. I guess there were too many bottles and the producers wanted to make sure they held during the shooting!
  • My question is: don't students always carry their stuff with them?  Because it's the first potions lesson and yet, the cauldron are already fuming!  Cute apparel though!  
  • The sand-clock is nice!
  • I don't know why but I always imagined the door to be a couple of steps above the rest of the class!  And I thought the door would be must more heavy than this one because it's a dungeon after all.

In these 3 shots, you can observe most of the classroom.

  •  On the left, the same potions ingredients. Cute little things floating in liquids! Yew!
  • Then, the same big column that was on the right in the first shot.  
  • After the column lies stacks of books.  I guess they are references not meant for students.
  • In the third image notice the stuff between the desk and the middle column.  See above for more details.
  • In the second image, notice all the apparels for potions making in the front.  I'd say they are for demonstration, not for personal experimentation.  Snape's office already fills that purpose. One of those apparels is a scale.
  •  Snape's desk is more a table than a desk because we can see across it.
  • The big thing to the right of the middle column is to my understanding the board. But then again, it could also serve as a storage place.  Even in the last picture on this page, it's difficult to tell. The strange symbols on it are nice though. They look genuine but they are about astrology. So I wouldn't know what their purpose in potions would be!  That's why I think this may be more a decorated storage place than a board.

Close-up of the book shelves

  •  The little chandelier is more for atmosphere than for light, no?
  • On the second wide-screen shot, we see the same column as in the first shot of the classroom we had in the movie
  • We can clearly see Snape's little ink pot but not his quill.
  • I wonder what the black/brown thing on top of the books is?


I added light for precise details.

Close-up of the back of Snape's desk

  • There's a small thing on the left bottom. I wonder what it is?
  • You clearly see Snape's working table now.
  • The table-chandelier is original. It's tortuous.
  • The apparels in the back are some kind of device. I don't know exactly what it is though. Looks like potions tools but they seem made of iron, so it's weird.
  • What's incredible is the light coming out of the windows!  Unless they are enchanted, they don't fit with the books at all!  The dungeon is suppose to be at least 2 floors below the main floor!
  • In the third shot, we can see a little more of the desk and that Snape's using a stool, not a chair.
  • In the forth shot what's important is the roof.  It's made like in a cathedral.

  • Snape's desk from up-close.


  • We have not seen this corner of the classroom in the movies.  I guess it's situated in the hidden right corner (from a student's point of view). For the picture, I bet they transferred the board/cupboard over there.  

All allusions to Snape's Classroom found in the four books

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Book 1


  • Potions lessons took place down in one of the dungeons.
  • As they climbed the steps out of the dungeon an hour later (this means the dungeon is not on the floor-level, hence, the windows in Snape's classroom are not supposed to be natural ones.)

Content description

  • It was colder here than up in the main castle, and would have been quite creepy enough without the pickled animals floating in glass jars all around the walls.
  • Worst of all [for cold] were Professor Snape's classes down in the dungeons, where their breath rose in a mist before them and they kept as close as possible to their hot cauldrons. 

Book 2



  • "What we need," said Hermione briskly as Thursday afternoon's double Potions lesson loomed nearer, "is a diversion. Then one of us can sneak into Snape's office and take what we need."(this means a direct connection between the classroom and the office
  • Harry saw Hermione slide back into the dungeon, the front of her robes bulging. (If she slide back and Snape was at the front, it means the entrance is surely on the left (when facing the students).


  • Potions lessons took place in one of the large dungeons. Thursday afternoon's lesson proceeded in the usual way.
  • Twenty cauldrons stood steaming between the wooden desks, on which stood brass scales and jars of ingredients. Snape prowled through the fumes, making waspish remarks about the Gryffindors' work while the Slytherins sniggered appreciatively.

Book 3


  • Harry followed him downstairs, trying to wipe his hands clean on the inside of his robes without Snape noticing. They walked down the stairs to the dungeons and then into Snape's office.


  • Harry and Ron packed away their unused ingredients and went to wash their hands and ladles in the stone basin in the corner. (the only place left in the movie is again, in the left corner!!)
  • Malfoy set up his cauldron right next to Harry and Ron, so that they were preparing their ingredients on the same table. (tables are, apparently, set up by 4 by 4 and students facing each other, not like in the movie. However, places seem to be changeable.)
  • "Not too far from here... " Ron repeated, looking significantly at Harry. He turned around and saw Malfoy watching closely. (the table must not be so large)

Book 4

Passage way leading to his office

  • He and Ron followed Hermione down a flight of stone steps, but instead of ending up in a gloomy underground passage like the one that led to Snape's dungeon, they found themselves in a broad stone corridor, brightly lit with torches, and decorated with cheerful paintings that were mainly of food.

Arrangement of the classroom

  • For a moment, it felt as though everything was back to normal between them, but then Ron turned and sat down with Dean and Seamus instead, leaving Harry alone at his table.(Students can change places)
  • On the other side of the dungeon, Harry imagined picking up his cauldron, and sprinting to the front of the class, and bringing it down on Snape's greasy head  (Snape was at his desk at the time, so his desk is truly at the front. It also seems that the classroom is larger than profound, just as in the movie.)
  • Potter - that table in front of my desk. (This desk looks closer in the book than in the movie because Harry understood everything Karkaroff and Snape said.)
  • "Enter," said Snape in his usual voice. The class looked around as the door opened. Professor Karkaroff came in. Everyone watched him as he walked up toward Snape's desk. (The door is behind the students and the desk is at the front)


  • Once Snape had turned his back on them to write up the ingredients of today's potion on the blackboard


The Dungeon seems to be accessible by more than one way. (See Snape's Office for more details).  In the classroom, there's a blackboard, a desk at the front, tables for 20 cauldrons, tables arranged to receive up to 4 students at the same time, a sink to wash stuff in one corner, there's no heating system, and there's enough space between all those tables to prowl as Snape does all the time!