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The story of the Nu Kappa Phi (NKΦ) dates back to December of 1952, the year of its founding. You will note therefore the NKΦ is now going on its  Golden Anniversary. The NKΦ is only 4 years younger than the University of Nueva Caceres itself. The NKΦ is the first and oldest fraternity in the campus.

             The formation of the NKΦ was an idea conceived by Ret. Judge Patricio Amanse. I believe none of us here has the chance to meet him personally. Perhaps it is even the first time for you to hear of the name. But his co-founders in 1952 are names that are familiar to you: Dean Roque S. Alba, named after Alba Hall; Dean Rodolfo G. Dato, named after Dato Hall; Dean Cesar Bocaling, as a former member of the Board of Trustees of the University; and Atty. Antonio M.Sison, the beloved husband of our dear president, Dr. Dolores H. Sison, also after him named A.M.S Building.

             The name NKΦ stands for Nueva Caceres’ Finest. The fraternity was meant to be a grouping of the better students in the campus, the so-called crème de la croppe. The fraternity was initially an honor fraternity, a group of scholars. But what is significant is the founding of the NKΦ is its dedication to the ideals of honor, integrity, loyalty and leadership.

             Nu Kappa Phi started in the College of Law. But over the years, NKΦ has always responded to the changing of the times. When it was seen that there were many good students in the College of Arts and Sciences, we began admitting students from the Arts and Sciences, and after which Commerce, Engineering and Education followed.

             Our history shows no dying moments, both literally impliedly. Phians is always alive and active. I will note that when martial law was declared and a large percentage of fraternities and sororities was dissolved, the NKΦ continued in existence. During those difficult times, it was only the NKΦ that had the mind and will and the strategy to survive. All other fraternities you will find in the campus now are mostly “born again” or newly resurrected or really new. But it is good to have their company in the campus. It is good to see that there is always a place for everybody. The place for the better events however has always been the NKΦ. If you look around the campus, you will also see that those students who do not qualify the real good fraternity have been organizing some groups of their own kind, including those who never get invited to join any fraternity at all.

             After our many years of existence, we may be judged. As Dr. Dolores H. Sison said in our pearl anniversary, In an age when even the best men are easily tempted to desert great principles and convictions and sulk in the solace of defect, let them, Phians, demonstrate to our fellowmen that Honor, Integrity, Loyalty and Leadership are still the basic ingredients in the building of a great and decent nation. Φ