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Welcome to my website

Here you will find some wallpaper images based on film titles.

Updates will be posted as soon as they occur. Once I get time to actually sit down and do it.

Quick update - 08/05/03

I have not forgot about updating the website and will sort it asap. Thanks for being patient!

Also, not forgetting my deeper roots, I will be looking into the Evil Dead collection for some truly frightening stills. It will be an over 18 experience, but one which will still grasp the quality and humour my current snapshots contain.

I have streamlined the website to include a quick reference, if going up and down the page becomes a hassle. Check it out

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Of course, if you have any suggestions for films that I might own (guesswork will have to occur on your part) I will be happy to include them for you.

Updated - Kissing Scene From Lord Of The Rings

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I am going to try a caption competition on some of my stills. Entries will simply add a caption and e-mail it to me. Winners will get nothing other than recognition until the next caption competition if it pans out.