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I would like to make it known that in no way at all am I attempting to take away the copyright of any company and or actor, event, prop, make-up, hairstyle, special effect, moment, emotion (well maybe emotion), director, budget, advertising.

I love movies, some say too much on a Saturday night when Iím in bed, but I want to show my appreciation to all those that work in movies by showing off some of the more exciting elements.

You can find movie wallpapers anywhere these days, people making their own. I donít want to make something that was already made by someone else. I just want to show what they wanted everyone to see. Ok, so they download them, but thatís not something I endorse. I only want to make people aware of how beautiful these movies are.

I hope thatís a decent enough disclaimer, because I canít think of anything else to write.

Thank you for taking the time to read it.