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Task Two
Rescue What You Would Most Miss

You sort through the rocks on the ground, finding one with a sharp edge. You hack and the ropes binding your captives. It takes a while to cut through the bindings, but you eventually accomplish it. You begin to pull your friend back towards the shore, arriving just outside the time limit of an hour. The judges await the Merchieftainess' account of what happened to give their scores...

Please not that this is your code pertaining to rescuing your captive: 23094. Fill out the form below to notify your headmaster of your points

1. What is your name?

2. What is your e-mail address?

Please give your real e-mail address, or you will not be notified of your score

3. What is your code for defeating the Giant Squid?

4. What is your code for defeating the grindylow?

5. What is your code for rescuing the captive?

Please click the button only once. Thank you.