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Disaster Management or Disastrous Management?

It needs no reminder that India is prone to disasters of all kinds- both man-made and natural. So many come to mind, such as the Gujarat and Latur earthquakes, the Bhopal gas tragedy, the freezing winter in North India in 2002-2003, annual floods in many states...the list is endless. During and after every disaster one is left with the feeling that much more could have been done in a much better and more meaningful way. I was recently talking to some friends who are disaster management specialists with some international funding agencies, and we decided to feel the pulse of our colleagues in the bureaucracy (others are also welcome) on this topic. Your feedback will help in formulating future attitudes and policies towards disasters, so please spare a few moments to click your mouse a few times. THANK YOU


The Government of India have a clear-cut disaster mitigation policy.

yes         no       

The Government's response to major disasters so far been adequate and timely.

yes          no 

The Government's approach to disasters so far has been curative rather than preventive.

yes          no 

There is corruption in distribution of disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction.

yes          no

The shifting of the Government of India's Natural Disaster Management Wing from the Ministry of Agriculture to the Ministry of Home Affairs is a step in the right direction.

yes                         no

Civil servants, whether from general administration, police, civil defence or any other agency need a lot more training in disaster mitigation than they get at present.

yes                         no


Any comments?