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Many of you who are with various training institutions might recall that successive ASTI meetings had discussed the creation of faculty databases by all individual institutions so that such trained teaching & training manpower resources could be effectively shared by these institutions. An excellent idea, but it remained on paper (as far as I know). I personally feel that the Internet can be an excellent medium to share such resources, so in my own very limited and humble way I have decided to make a small beginning through this website.

If you are an existing full-time or guest faculty member of any Government or other well-known training institution, or are fond of teaching, just email me your bio-data, and I'll host it on this website for all to see. There is no fixed format (as I'd like to host your bio-data in your own style). Whatever be the format, it should invariably contain the following minimum information: 

  • Name

  • Sex

  • Age

  • Current employment status

  • Teaching experience, if any & where

  • Teaching training, if any (including DTS/DOT)

  • Subjects/Areas of interest

  • Any research undertaken

  • Any foreign training undertaken

  • Willingness to travel anywhere in India or abroad

  • Contact Details (Postal, Phone, Fax, Email)