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!!This site is under construction.!!

I am making it to see how hard it is and how fun it is. I plan to make web pages when I grow up. I think it would be fun and interesting.. so I know you don't care so uhh Links on the side and stuff. So prepare to see anything and expect the unexpected and uhh have fun. Oh and if you have any ideas send them to and title WEBPAGE so I don't delete it because I get a lot spam.


First take this quiz. So now that we are alone what do you want to talk about? I know how about the Sims? It's a fun game don't you think.. sure there are like 4 or 5 expansions and they are 30 dollars a piece but they do make the game a lot more fun. And Sim city come on one of the best games ever. Sim City 4 just looks so real and amazing it is unbelievable. So good I think I need a new computer. Because I want to play cooler and better games. But yeah so Have a nice day and
Good Day to you.



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