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The Inner Sanctum of S.L.H.

"Every man and every woman is a star"

"Magick is the Science of understanding oneself and one's conditions. It is the Art of applying that understanding in action."

"I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life, and the giver of Life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death."

Aleister Crowley

Welcome fellow travelers, visitors and friends. You've entered a realm that contains different occult matter. So, I will take these next few moments to explain what one may find here and offer a short introduction to myself and the path I haved traveled. I will try not to confuse anyone, but am still learning this knowledge for myself, so please don't take anything I say as being written in stone. I will start off with a short introduction to the contents one may discover on these pages. I hope to provide a brief introduction to the occult, macgick and Hermetics as I understand it. You will then find essay's, rituals and links cover these ares. The main theme and goal throughout, will be aimed towards the untrained mind, beginner and solitary practioner. I will also include my personal discoveries in various forms. I am also working on some projects that will be included here. The most important would be the designing of an interactive Tree of Life. This page will offer a person the chance to click on each Sephiroth/Path and find the Hebrew letters, definition, correspondences, value and other pertinent information. I will also be including anything else I find along the way that may be of importance to others. For istance, take the three quotes found listed at the top of this page. They all can have different meanings to different individuals. Once you have journeyed along your chosen path one will be able to understand them a little better. Take the first one. We are all unique, with no two stars being the same. With enlightenment also comes a brillance that can light up not just the evening sky but a persons life also. Giving one the ability to soar in the heavens free of lifes everyday quirks. The second quote above is one of the easiest explanation's to the definition of what Magick is. There are countless others spread out across the web, but I feel this one is direct, to the point as readily understandable. So much confusion comes from people trying to guess the lifestyle of a mage and all kinds of stereotypes arise from these assumption's. For the most part the are on the negative side so here is another reason why I've chosen this particular definition. A further explanation of the specifics is to be left to be either told or understood by the serious seeker. For the last quote, I will leave this one alone without a definition or explanation, for I am unsure if I wouldn't be giving someone to much information that could be harmful in the wrong hands. My only request is one read it over and over, mediate upon its true meaning. In very short I think you will come to a quick understand of what is possibly meant by this.

A Brief Introduction to myself
I will start off by saying that I'm probably not much different than yourself. It seems like if we search deep enough within ourselves, we will find this last statement to be true. Somewhere along the line we experience and undergo the same trials in life. Saying this, lets see if I'm not correct. My gender at this point is unimportant. I have live this life for 33 years now. Only having discovered magick and the possibility of a higher sense of conciousness some 10 years ago. I was first awaken to this desire by a friend who asked if I wouldn't mind reading a book he had. I agreed and what I read began to change my life in a good way. After looking back on how things have transpired from that point on. No, I'm not saying it has been as easy journey, but that I am saying I am a better person for this discovery. During those years, I practice very little but read and strengthened my knowlege ten-fold. I did practive but not as much as was required of me. I ventured out into this new world in hopes a finding an Order that a may align myself to in order to further my progress. I once read a statement that they will find you and not the other way around, seemed to be true in my case. I tried several various traditions but the first to materialize was a Thelemic order. This was just what I was looking for, since all my studies thus far had focused around Aleister Crowley's teachings. This part of my life was short lived for reason's I won't come forth with at this time. All I will say is that I had trials left to go through before I would return to the fold. In the time that I was absent from my calling, I underwent all sorts of trials and tribulations within my life. Some were for the better, some were not. All I know that DID happen was it helped change me for the person I'm today. After some years, I have returned to the calling that my inner-self heard so many years ago. I have now seen where I succeeded and failed, so with this new found knowledge, I am once again stepping forward to claim what's mine for the taking. I feel I must discover my "True Will" so that I may live in harmony with those around me. If this is your desire too, then I'd like to say welcome to a new age. We all have much work ahead of us so lets not tarry. We all will stumble along this path. I can offer my support and encouragement but each must do the work for themselves. Now where each of us our upon our chosen paths, is our own choice to keep hidden from others. I shrug at all this secrecy but am coming to understand some is required to keep the on-lookers from the profane world from pointing fingers and naming evil things. So, I'm not saying where my duties may lie. All I can do is encourage you to look within yourself and decide what is right from the discoveries you may find there. No matter what those decisions may be, we will pass each other some day.
What One May Find Here
Now comes the time to explain what one may find within these pages. As I sit here and design them, the first answer would be that I'm not totally sure what will all be included. I know there is a wealth of information scattered across the WWW, so I am going to try and keep from adding copies of material that could be found much easier elsewhere. The links I have provided belong are fairly self-explanatory. However I would like to explain each a little further. ESSAY'S -- Here you'll find various articles, stories, comments, etc. that pertain to a vast array of topics. Most are focused at the beginner, but a few touch on more advance technique's. They have been written by past expert's on that given subject, other people I have came into contact in my pursuits, or myself. RITUALS -- The basic rituals, meditations and exercises a neophyte may want to begin with. A few advanced methods are included here along with a brief and introduction to the Enochian system. OTHER MATTERS -- Contain here will be any other material I feel may be of importance. For example, anything that wouldn't fall into one of the other categories listed here. LINKS & TREE of LIFE are self explanatory or have been discussed elsewhere.
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