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Thayla-Chapter One

Thayla's Story

Chapter Two

People (in order of appearance)
  • Thayla - Tall with gold skin, bronze hair and black eyes with no visible pupil. She can walk through solid objects and lift objects with a single thought.
  • Taylee - Short with blue skin, short bronze hair and blue eyes. She has control over water.
  • Dovid - Short with red-orange skin, long, blond hair and blue eyes. He can teleport himself and others long, and short distances in the blink of an eye.

      Dovid stared up at Thayla in shock, the darkness had hidden her appearance before. Looking at her, Dovid could almost beleive he was looking at a beautiful statue of gold, with bronze hair, obsidean eyes and dirty, ragged clothes that just didn't match the rest of her appearance.
      He could feel her hand on his shoulder, but he didn't mind, which was odd for him, since normally he abhorred physical contact that wasn't necessary.
      Dovid knew what had caused this sudden exhaustion, but he didn't want to make himself appear weak by telling her why he could barely get enough energy to speak, let alone move. Though what he had told her about having just done something he had never done before was true. He had never before traveled with passengers as far as he just had. Actually, he hadnít even gone that far by himself before. Dovidís magical ability was seemingly instantaneous travel to anywhere he could envision, but it had to be a place that actually existed, and he couldnít travel through time. He had tried to tell others how long it really took, or at least, how long it seemed to him, but he couldnít get his point across because it seemed no time at all to them.