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Nothing Hurts Like Your Mouth
manipulated by:
lil amy
*~* Your Loaded Smiles and Pretty Just Deserts *~*

It ought to be damned illegal.

There should be wizarding laws against it.


No girl should look that seductive eating mashed potatoes, of all things.

She was talking to his sister and eating, and it was the most wonderful thing he'd ever seen. She would wave
her fork about while talking, slicing it through the air as she made a point. Then she would scoop some of
them on it, insert said fork into mouth, chew, swallow, and repeat. That's it. Ron's mental. This was really
really... bad. He could NOT be attracted to Hermione, right? It had gotten worse over the last week. His eyes
had seen a different girl in the last two years. Gone were the overlarge teeth. The hair's bushiness, which he
had always liked anyway, had tamed a bit into merely wild curls. She was still a great know-it-all, and a nag,
and a killjoy at times due to her prefect-ness.

But she also looked really gorgeous eating mashed potatoes.

And he had these almost irresistible urges just to touch her face. Or her arm. Or a leg. Or all that hair. Or any
part at all that was Hermione. But his focus was on that mouth of hers. That annoying snappish mouth. He'd
never wanted to be a potato so bad in his entire life.


He turned and looked at Harry angrily. "What?!"

"I've been calling your name for ages. What's with you today?"

"Nothing." Ron mumbled and started stabbing at the remaining food on his plate.

Harry raised an eyebrow. Nothing. Yeah right. So long as nothing was named one Hermione Granger. Ron
must think he was really stupid. Or Ron was really stupid. Maybe he just didn't realize he looked at Hermione
that way. Or Ron was really stupid and thought he was really stupid too.



He whipped around suddenly. His eyes instantly drawn to it. Her mouth. He'd been trying to avoid her since
dinner last night. Well, now she'd finally managed to catch him outside the portrait entrance to the Gryffindor
common room.

"Ron, are you all right?" She licked her lips to wet them.

He nearly moaned aloud. "Fine." He squeaked.

"You don't sound fine." Hermione stepped forward and touched a hand to his forehead. "Are you getting ill?"

Ron shut his eyes a breathed at her skin on his. Her hand on his face.


His eyes snapped open. She looked so worried.

"Have I done something wrong?" She whispered.

"What? No!"

"Then why are you avoiding me?"

"I'm not-"

"Don't lie, Ron."

"I just have stuff on my mind, Mione. It's nothing to do with you." Liar.

"Are you sure?"

"Hermione, I'm not angry with you. Swear." He murmured rather softly. It was tearing him up that she thought
he was put out with her.

"Are you sure you're feeling all right then?"

"I feel fine."


"I'm all right."

"Then what is it?" She stepped a bit closer, her face a mask of concern. "You know you can talk to me about
anything all, Ron."

He wanted to screech at her that she really ought not do that. She was far too close to him. With her wild hair
and concerned chocolate eyes. Her pert nose and that mouth. His own mouth started to lazily form a dreamy
smile. He must have been staring quite hard off into space.

"Ron!" She had grabbed both his cheeks and forced his eyes to hers.

Her hands were so hot on his face. He grabbed her wrists gently and pulled her hands away from his face.
Ron took a step forward, filling what little space there was left between them. He just stared down at her.


She was one of his best friends. He really out to take two steps back and remove himself. He was having
trouble breathing. Done in by some girl's mouth.

"Ron Weasley, you let go of me this instant." She seemed a bit flushed. Breathless even. Her voice had
sounded forced. Like she really didn't want him to let go at all.

"And if I don't?" Whoa. His voice had sounded odd. Deep. How had it managed to get so husky?

She gasped sharply. "Ron..."

"Hermione..." He purred.

She gave a little tremble and chewed her bottom lip. Ron shut his eyes for a minute and breathed in deep.
That had done it, sealed it right there.

She opened her mouth, that perfect little mouth, to speak again, but Ron cut her off.

With his mouth.

Hermione jumped in shock knocking herself up against him. Ron's hands shot off her wrists to hold her there
before gravity could steal her back to the ground. One arm wrapped around her as the hand splayed across
the base of her spine. The other hand threaded up into her soft hair and cradled the base of her skull.

He gasped into her mouth when she moved her own hands to rest on his stomach. The muscles jumped
under her fingertips. She slid her hands up between them. One stopped to rest on his shoulder, the other
didn't stop until it was resting on the back of his neck with a few fingers playing up into his red hair. She
sighed and tried to push herself up on her toes to touch more of him.

Ron pulled back, needing air. They were still very much in each other's embrace though.

Hermione was looking up at him with large eyes and sucking in great gulps of air. "Oh." She whispered.

It would have been quite amusing that all the great know-it-all could manage to say was 'oh' just now if Ron
had been able to form words himself. He was more of an 'actions' person though anyway, so he leaned back
down and captured her mouth again briefly.

"Hey, get a room."

Hermione tried to jump away, but Ron was holding her too tightly. He turned to glare at a grinning Seamus
Finnigan and a smirking Dean Thomas.

"I quite agree." The fat lady harumphed. "Honestly. Snogging in the hallway like that."

Hermione blushed and buried her face in Ron's chest.

"You two, mind? You're blocking the door." Seamus said with his grin growing larger.

Ron stepped to the side with a snarl on his face.

"Come on." Dean said. "Let's get in before Ron punches us due to snoggus interuptus. You know he's been
waiting to do this since first year."

Ron's ears went pink.

"Snickerdoodle." Seamus chuckled at the portrait and pulled Dean inside before Ron could get at them.

It was very quiet after they left.

"Is that true?"

"Is what true?" He asked, still pink on the ears.

"First year?"


"Oh." She sounded slightly disappointed.

"It was third year when you walloped Malfoy."

She giggled.

"And I lied earlier."


"When I said I had stuff on my mind that was nothing to do with you. That wasn't exactly true. I... uh... I've been
thinking about your... your mouth all week."

She smiled widely as his ears darkened to red. "My mouth?"

"Your mouth drives me to distraction." He said nervously.

Her smile widened. "Then I suppose I should give you some more food for thought."

He was confused for a second until she pushed herself up on her toes and connected her lips to his. Ron
tightened his arms around her and tilted his head at a slightly different angle as she allowed his tongue to
sweep inside her mouth. Her fist clenched around a clump of his sweater that she'd pulled up off his
shoulder as she purred into his mouth. He could do this forever if he didn't have to breathe. Complete nutters
over a girl. Undone by one little piece of her.

Her perfect mouth.

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