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Do You Qualify?

One Day of Love

One Day to honor Love is not really enough,
To say all that needs to be said in a day is rough
Each day should be a celebration of the joys of life,
filled with great happiness not anger or strife.

One Day to honor Love is not what it takes,
A lifetimes expressed in candies and cakes.

Tell the ones that you love everyday,
What they mean to you in each and every way.

Celebrate Love everyday in pure ecstacy and Joy,
not with false sayings, gifts, or a toy.

Celebrate Love with the love that you have
everyday in your life, the good and the bad.

One Day of Love I always have for you,
That's each and everyday the whole year through.

The TanKnight
copyright ©2001

Was Walking by and There You Were

I was walking by and there you were crying,
I stopped and inquired and you began sighing.

On a road much to hard I have come much too far,
Like the 3 wise men of old I have followed my star.

To come to this place without being afraid,
no purpose or bricks of a foundation not laid.

I'm out of of my mind with worry and fear,
to go on by myself, no joy or good cheer,
But struggle I must for I'll never give in,
I am an old soul, a warrior scars all over my skin.

On and on I've traveled this road of great pain,
and dealt with the snow, the sleet and the rain,
And now when I've found my refuge and hope,
Like Tantallus pushing that rock up that slope.

I must give god thanks for answering my pleas,
and fall down nightly and pray on my knees,
Love does exist and the struggles the thing,
That makes it worthwhile and my heart it does sing.

I was walking by and there you were crying,
I stopped and inquired and you began sighing.

Then all of a sudden I realized this fact,
I was the person from the mirror who looked back.

The TanKnight
Copyright ©2001

Mother Divine

The ever present thought of you on this day brings joy to my heart for you are the mothers of this earth and the beginnings of all life.

In my hour of need, when I turn to you my nubian princess, Will you be my strength of will? Can you, the history of unquestioned love, continue on for me? For Black is the mother of the Universe and deep is her Soul.

Will your strength of life fade and fail me, Oh nubian heart, sistah of MY soul? Are you still capable, with all the pain you have suffered of nurturing my weakened spirit and helping me rejuvinate my essense?

Oh mother divine, Nubian Bride, History of the earth your name is female and your color is black. Remember me when you have gone that extra step and I will strengthen you as you have strengthened me! I will stand beside you, protect, share with, and comfort you.

I will hold you up above all, but my faith in God and place you in the Heavens of my mind, where we can dwell together forever!

The TanKnight
Copyright ©2000

I Listened to My Heart

I listened to my heart and found I heard the tears of joy that dripped from my soul at the sound of your voice.

I watched the sadness of my eyes and looked longingly into the depths of myself and saw you looking back at me.

I waded out into the pool of life that washed over and around me then drowned in the beauty of your spirit.

I felt the tenderness of your concern and the love that you gave willingly to a stranger bloom and grow in the desert of my life.

I experienced the comforting of your Soul and the rare peace of your being in the eye of a hurricane of chaos and discontent.

From distances to great to be touched and across boundaries too high to scale that which is you shines all around me.

I have no tongue to speak the words that may comfort you but know this, I love all that is you!

The TanKnight
Copyright ©2000

How Often Do We Smile?

How often do we smile when things are going bad?
Do we break down, crying, tore up and sad?

How often do we smile when the world crashes down around you?
When you see no way out and have no refuge of heart so true?

How often do we smile when our days are not quite right?
When darkness falls around and we can see no light?

How often do we smile when lonely nights leave us tired and in need?
When loveless days are our normal way and broken hearts forever bleed?

How often do we smile? Obviously not quite enough!
But each time I think of you It doesn't seem so rough!

For in your smile I see the world shining back at me,
And in your heart my soul, it is set free!

The TanKnight
copyright ©2002

What is a friend?

We often ask this and really don't expect an answer,
We hem and we haw trying to cover our uneasy intent.
Well in my big book when I look for a definition,
I find your picture there and know you're heaven sent.

With gladness of heart and a willing free soul,
I gather you in to my world knowing it's true,
and place you there in my heart like a rule,
A friend, what a friend do I have in you?

Lovely lady with the great big wide smile,
Count me as one of yours, Oh lady of style.

When you need me, As I am now I will always be.
A Knight, Yes your Knight who believes in Chivalry.

So peace and happiness I do wish all your days!
Great love, and good life for you in so many ways!

What is a friend? Now I think I can tell!
You are a friend, a true lady, a belle!

The TanKnight
copyright ©2001

The Differences We Make

Standing ever lost on the shores of a lake,
I stop to think about the differences we make.

Would my life have been less rich if into my life you'd not come,
And truthfully, honestly, I can not say, and would not lie like some.

But in my heart, and I know it well,
When we meet face to face I will tell,
Your friendship has made my life a joy,
Thank you, I say like a child with a toy.

Your warm thoughts sweet words and tender ways,
Have lifted my lonely heart and brightened my days.

The differences we make are the ones we should keep,
When our days they are over and our souls go to sleep.

The TanKnight
Copyright ©2001

For Black is the Color of My True Love's Skin

One step closer is often, One step too far. Love is a boundary that grows wider with closeness. The proximity of care is the divergence of understanding, so stand and accept all that is beautiful in life. For Black is the color of my true love's skin.

Two things began are often two things ended. Relationships grow apart the longer they last. The power of love is often overtaken by greed. The looks we have shared have grown cold in the night. For Black is the color of my true love's skin.

Three people involved are often the sign of the times. Marriage, a family, a life built in love torn down by the longings for things yet unknown. A mistress distressed by the inability of her involved partner to make time for her is an oxymoron of life. For Black is the color of my true love's skin.

Four turns of the knob on the door, catches cheating lives in full bloom. Four years together the newness worn off, the hunt taken up again instead of the problems worked out. Complacency is the death of orgasmic satisfaction and the ruin of the intimacies of the heart. For Black is the color of my true love's skin.

Five wide awake is, Five on my hand. Bred in ill tempered indulgence, the self serving act of mastabatory relief, is once again the domain of the lonely. The sharing and caring all laid to rest, you return to yourself in wonder and awe, and consider the movements that brought you back to this place. For Black is the color of my true love's skin.

The TanKnight
copyright ©2001

Ebony Love On White Bread Thinking

I seek ebony love on a white bread budget,
Ever knowing that that which I seek does not exist.
My sisters, my queens, have we just met?
I work every day, try my best, do I deserve this?

Yet let me go to the paler race, find solace and lay,
They call me a traitor, a dog, a whore and no damn good.
But what incentive what motivation does she give me to stay,
Pure in my thoughts and forever faithful to where I have stood.

If I don't have the latest car, if my clothes aren't just right,
If my job doesn't earn more than just quite enough,
I'm relegated to the lower depths and dark holes of life.
If I can't buy her that ring or don't look quite buff.

I seek ebony love on a white bread budget,
Ever knowing that that which I seek does not exist.
I never break down and don't give up yet!
But slowly I learn that I don't deserve this.

Like the ones on the street who say, "My man he's locked up."
Where are the sisters for me that will stand ever true,
Where are those sisters for a regular guy,
I listen intently and hear them complain and not do.

"I can't find a good man to love me for me"
The saying it goes and I laugh, for they have ruined me.
My sisters beware I have come to the front,
I once was that guy you say you want.

I stood, was nice, was a good guy worked steady,
But for me and my kind your ass was not ready.

Now when you come to me I'll run you I may,
Hit the punani and throw your ass away.

Cause I've seen what you want and a nice guy ain't it,
Don't tell me otherwise cause it's all just shit.

You brow beat and destroy the best of us here,
Kill us with nagging and push us with fear.

Then cry and wail that there's none of us free,
When you were young you went after the worst of us fact,
The players the thugs, the gangsters, and g's,
You wanted that bad boy image that hip kinda mack.

Now the rest of us are older and wiser and see
That all you wanted was a big dick in your pussy.

You scream, cry foul, and yell at us obsenity,
We weren't the ones who stole your virginity.

Why berate us and throw us the trash,
After your ass is used and abused,
Your emotions fell flat a big market crash,
You come to us now, just more than confused.

Well I'm sorry don't need ya, Found what I sought,
Don't want the hassles the games and the fraught.
Go back to your bad boys and leave me alone,
I have my own worries, my closets, my bones.

I sought ebony love on white bread thinking,
Knowing that dead things always start stinking.
Wrapped in the arms of another man's dreams,
My sleep filled with horror and soulless screams.

So alone I sit, old and grey I've become,
Resigned to days of solitude and it's dumb.
I could have been so much more, a husband and mate.
But for me with my love dead. it is far too late.

The TanKnight
Copyright 2001

The AfterGlow

When the passion of our greeting has faded,
That which is left is the Afterglow.
When some friends have become mean and jaded,
Other people will look and want to know.
When the heat of our friendship has run it's course,
The feelings we are left with are red hot embers,
Slowly ebbing away but fighting that eternal force,
And that one lone thought gives us pause to remember.
To find that one someone special who's presence,
Warms our bleek souls and lights or drab lives,
Validates feelings and to our mind gives liscense,
Makes good things sweeter and sensations thrive.

In searching we are sometimes suprised how far we will go,
At the lengths to which we will reach or our pace we will slow,
In finding you my friend I found sublime,
A kindred soul with hidden joys and deep felt sense,
A friend to chat with and pass the time,
Confide my thoughts and share my passions intense.
So what do we have when the fire slowly dies,
The warm afterglow of knowing and sincere eyes.

The TanKnight
Copyright 2001

Reflections in the Mirror of Life

Standing silently, looking forlornly in the mirror, I see myself,
Reflections, of images long past, flickering in my eyes,
Evaluating the individual pieces of a multi-faceted portrait,
Sternly understanding the fragmented sections of my life.

With tired resignation and misplaced dignity,

How often do we look back over wasted lives,
and contemplate the evolution of our own misery.

How badly do we see the traps we laid for ourselves,
in moments of long past indecision,

How regularly do we invoke the name of God,
to mask our own worthlessness,

and do we ask ourselves if hypocrisy is a way of life or a means to an end?

I sit here in the dark and think myself silly,
wondering about questions itís doubtful I even have the right to ask,
The dread of loneliness slowly but constantly creeping in my mind.
Until lost and devoid of hope I slid, spiraling ever downward into depression.

Yet at that exact moment frozen in time,
Your radiant smile lights my way,
Your melodious voice soothes my soul,
And thoughts of you calm the chaos in my mind.

I find solace in the understanding of your needs,
Refuge in the open arms of your friendship,
Peace in the seconds weíve shared in conversation,
And reflections of my own desire in the you Iíve come to know.

How often do we see ourselves in others?
Are our dreams found daily in other souls?

I have found mine and will pursue it steadfastly,
For in you I see my own reflection in the mirror of your life.

The TanKnight
Copyright 2001

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