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The Silver Fox


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Quality Handcrafted Sterling Jewelry Created for Everyone from the Most Discerning to Avant-garde


PLEASE NOTE: All the following jewelry items have Shipping & Handling included in their price.

The Amber Collection

A collection of handcrafted sterling silver used to accent the excellence of Green Amber.


A collection of handcrafted cuff bracelets both sterling with stone and solid sterling.


A collection of handcrafted pins and broaches sterling with stone, solid sterling and mixed metals.

Necklace Sets

A collection of handcrafted sterling and stone necklaces

Metal Pendants

A collection of handcrafted sterling and mixed metals pendants.

Stone Pendants

A collection of handcrafted sterling and stone pendants.

Pendant & Earring Sets

A collection handcrafted sterling silver and stone pendant and earring sets


Military Interest

A collection of cast and handcrafted sterling military replica items


A unique and mystical collection of handcrafted items.

Jammin' Collection

An extensive collection of 'Dead' and related items

Buckle Collection

A collection of unique and inspiring sterling, mixed metals and stone accented belt buckles

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