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the lil things

it's the little things that make the difference. when i feel bored or just want some quiet "me-time," i often surf some sites and test myself on tv trivia. ;) ah, we all have our quirks!

can you tell I am a huge BTVS fan? *wink* ... i have too much free time.

the newer additions have been added closer to the top. oh cmon, you know you don't mind the loading time for these LOVELY images. ;)

My buddy, Raven's, new website: Midtraps and Deathblows!

which scooby are you?

Much Ado About Buffy

Fool for Love


Pandora's Box

Stake Em

The Buffyverse's Wacky Love Shack


Bloody Spike

Awards for Quizzes!

I made Willow and Oz proud!

I proved my BtVS knowledge!

Love got me through the GRAVE quiz!

I finished this quiz with less than TWO TO GO

I survived the VILLAINS on this quiz!

I passed the CHECKPOINT quiz

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