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7-26-02  Working on a new doll based on my sister, but not that much since beta 2 of Ragnarok online came out ^_^ hehe obsessed, who, me??? nahhhhhh........



7-13-02  Finished another kiss doll, that's about it. might give it a rest for a while.



7-8-02 YAYYYY!!! after about 2 weeks, I'm finally back online!!!!! my other comp's processor got smoked =( and I severely hate winblows 2000 right now... *sigh* as you can see I have made some updates to the site =) and as always, any comments on this site are welcome ^_^



6-24-02   I don't really have anything to rant about right now (other than the weather, it's too damn hot) so I'll just tell you a little bit about myself. I'm married, for one.  Quite happily =) we'll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary this October ^_^ I live mostly in Michigan, sometimes in Ohio hehe =)