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KiSS Dolls

If you don't know what KiSS is, go to Otaku world, they'll explain everything ^_^




  This is Izobelle, my very first Kiss doll.  She's not very big, but I think she turned out ok. I've has the pic I made her from for so long that I no longer remember where I got it. if anyone thinks they recognize it, drop me a line, the hair was purple with a red cheongsam.. her hair and eye color change when you click on 'em =)



  This is Iona, my second doll, template by anime craze. she is based upon my Exalted character and is not a very big doll, but I may expand her in the future. her hair style changes is all... enjoy =)


Kirowyn!!! The template is by Kawaii Fish, who is an amazing artist. She's my biggest doll yet, but there are a few things I'm not quite happy with.. oh well... her hair color changes when clicked on =)




the doll I'm currently working on is based on my baby sister, Rowan (yes, that is her real name) this is pic features the dress I made for her when she was the flower girl at my wedding (yes I can sew pretty well, today is just full of surprises huh?) the template was drawn by Silent Angel.