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In this section you will find the different tools used by the craft. Despite each one’s importance it is not entirely imperative that you own each and every one. Remember it is up to the witch to what he or she needs.  

This here is the pentacle. Being both a symbol of earth and the element, it is a very good symbol of protection. It is also considered the sign of the witch.

This is the vile. It is used to store potions, rain water, and any other liquid substance.

These here are candles. They are used to release fire, call the corners, empower objects and so on.

This thing is called the chalice. It is used to hold water and whine for Sabbaths or rituals that call for it.

This here is the wand. Every Wiccan SHOULD have one (but again is not imperative), and should be made by that witch. Of course you can buy one, but it will never hold the same power as one that was made by yourself. It is used to center you power, empower and anything else you can think off.

These are crystals. Mostly used for storing power, they can also be used to circle power around an object there by empowering it.

These is the mutar. It is used to crush herbs and mix them together. They are usually made of marble and can be any color.

These here is a sword. It is used to focus power and form a circle. IT IS NOT USED TO DO HARM!!!

These are incense holders. Incense is used to purify an area and make is scared for magical working.

This little thing is called a cauldron. It is used to stew your herbs or light a fire in.

This is a box. It is used to store items or "bury them".

The broom is used to simply "sweep" away evil.