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What is wicca and why did I get into it?
By: Ashka Ryo Winter.

What is wicca? What are the first words that come to mind when you hear it? Satan, evil, killing of animals? IF you really thing that, then you shouldn't even be in here reading this, or at the castle. But what about the other people, who came her to read what I have to say, I shall not disappoint. AS many wiccan already know, Wicca is an earthbound religion worshiping the God and Goddess, and personal duity to care and respect nature. Since we belive that everything is connected, everything we do, to animal or man, will come back to us. So what is wicca to me? Well for the past 6 years, wicca has been a wonderful union with life. Ever since I became wicca life has been great. Sure we will always have the bumbs in the road, but life is much better. The felling I have cann't be typed in words, all I can say is life is a great joy ball and everyone is invited. Also on a final note, Wiccan in no way shape or form, worships the devil!

Now as for what got me into all of this in the first place, well thats kinda a short story. It all stared 8 years ago when I was in 5th grade. My math teacher was using the apple to teach fractions. I didn't care for the math class, but the apple took over my thoughts for the rest of the day. Soon I started learning all I could learn about nature and the unseen forces. I knew there was more to this world and I never belived in christianty. Then high school roled around when one of my friends (Jen) showed me a book on Wicca. I got the book and read it. Everything in that book, I agreed with it. I knew from the first page of that book, Wicca was for me. From these 6 years, I do belive my descission was right. Blessed Be.