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5/15/04: Even more clean ups. Also made just about everything fast loading and printer friendly.

4/13/04: Put up two whole new areas. Auras and Charkas. Have more in the works, but might take some time. Also going over the site again making sure its fast loading and easy to under stand.

3/20/04: Been a while eh? Well with a hundred and one things finally out of the way, we saw fit to redo everything here. Also site is now called the forest of the Ryo coven. Right now we are working on updating everything and tweaking for faster load time.

7/14/03: Ugh, so much work to do! Everything is back up and running!

6/20/03: Well it has been a while. With school and everything we haven't had much free time. We also just found out the site had been down! So now after a few tweaks and a lot of spell check, the forest is back and ready!
12/3/02: The Castle is gone forever, by in its place an elven forest is born!
9/30/02: New host, new look, more stuff, and a nice new name in the spirit of the elves!!
4/29/02: Add more spells and faq's.
3/21/02: The Wiccan spell directory has been updated
3/18/02: The Castle has been taken over!!!!! All new elfin images have been uploaded.
2/28/02: Search Engine is now up
2/19/02: Members section up.
2/15/02: The new altar/tool section is up.

1/16/02: Here is a surprise, we not dead, We know its been awhile since we last updated the site, but we have been doing much work and the updates will be big, and coming soon.