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Requirements to be in ring:
1)Pagan/Wicca info site
2)No evil or insulting spells/insults on the site
3)Once in, add a link from your page to ours. (Don't have to, but it would be nice ::smiles::)
4) If you meet all the requirements and still wish to be added email us here

The Rating system
1-not so good, but still ok



And now finally for the links:

New Moon: a great site with a lot of info and spells. Also have great items for sale. Rate:5/5
Mystical Grove: Kind of hard to navigate, but still a great site. Rate:4/5
Wiccan, a live Journal Community: A place where one can freely express their views without getting dogged. A place to learn and explore new ideas. 4/5

The Astrology X-File Cabinet: Investigation of mysterious astrological methods from ancient Greek and medieval sources. 5/5

13 the witching hour: A correlation of sites  about many different topics. 5/5