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Q: First off what are the three images above for?
A: The 1st one is Raven and the second Feanaro.

Q: I thought everyone was reincarnated after they died? Don't you believe in it? I thought every Wiccan did?
A: ?_? Believe it or not we have gotten this question a lot, (and some not nicely put). First off not every Wiccan/tradition  believes in reincarnation, that is up to the individual person. As for the people listed on this site, we do in fact believe in reincarnation. So how can we believe in ghosts too? Well believe it or not, this has nothing to do with faith. The only reason this ghost section is on the site, is because it was requested. Ghosts are souls of the living things that have died. Now there are many MANY afterlife’s, but who says you have to go there right away? Maybe your not ready to pass on our have some stuff to do first?

Q: Do you summon spirits/ghost?
A: Depends on your definition of the word spirits. In ancent times spirits was also a word for Gods or beings with power. Save of animal guides, the answer to this question would be no.

Q: If you don't summon them, what’s all this ghosts hunting about?
A: What’s wrong with saying hi to a bunch of spirits? They are not harming the spirits nor are they seeking to do evil with them.


Q: Aren’t one of you part of this group?

A: Feanaro is, and no Wicca is left home. It is a purely scientific group.