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Thirteen Goals of a Witch
Know yourself.
Know your Craft.
Apply knowledge with wisdom.
Achieve balance.
Keep your words in good order.
Keep your thoughts in good order.
Celebrate life.
Attune with the cycles of the Earth.
Breathe and eat correctly.
Exercise the body.
Honor the Goddess and God.
(* Wicca - Scott Cunningham)

Welcome all to our Wiccan book of shadows.
All of the information we have found about/from wiccans, We have gathered here.
Please if thou would like to add anything send me us by email.
(All spells and ritual are in printer friendly format.)

New home made spells from the Forest.
The circle of Charging

~Spells of Protection/Releasing/Cleaning~
~Spells of Healing~
~Scrying and foretelling~
An earth charm...
An earth protection bottle...
How to make a ring of protection...
A spell of protection...
To dispell negative enerigies
To protect one self with magic
An other spell to protect one self with magic
releasing spell
abanishing spell
To break the powers of a spell
To prevent theft.
An earth spell to heal...
A Fire protection spell...
A few healing spells
A few more healing spells
A Gaia heaing spell
Spell For Internal Well-Being
spell to heal the earth
To over bad felling
To banish illness
How to use Earth in scrying...
What to know and how to scry
A simple scrying spell
~Getting rid of/postive action~
A water money spell...
An astral helper
A Sun and glass spell...
A spell to help a postive action
A get rid of spell
Prayer for ridding inner negativity
The thirteen goals of a witch...
To "mind link" with an animal...
Hand Fasting (the wiccan wedding)
Candle Magic
Spells of the Air/Astral
How-To Cast Spells
A simple all purpose candle spell...
For wealth and money...
How to invoking the four winds...
An out of body rite...
'Flying Ointment' ....
Psychic Dream Spell...
Example of Creating a Spell
How to make a circle
Altar Set Up
Ways to create a sacred space
How to cast and banish a circle ..