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NOTICE: This is quite a bit of information to consume, so please read it very well until you fully understand it and keep it at hand before you attempt to create an elemental.
One can create a thoughtform and infuse it with emotional energy. This creates what is called an artificial elemental or a familiar. Its purpose is to serve as a watcher, a guard, a messenger, or a companion. You may or may not be able to physically see it, but either way, you will be able to sense it. DO NOT create an artificial elemental that you do not need. If you create one and think you have failed, you are likely to be wrong... the last thing you want to do is create an elemental and not realise it. Be responsible for your actions!
Your elemental should be in the correct color of its purpose and element. It is up to you to decide what element your artificial elemental will be made of -- it should suit you and your purpose. If you do not know about the characteristics and colors of the four elements, please visit the main Elemental Magic page.
Once you have decided your color and element, you should decide on the shape of the artificial elemental. It is easiest to use an animal form that you are familiar with. (If you have a totem animal, that would be ideal.)
Now, let's begin creating the elemental. Visualise a ball of light in the color of the element glowing before you. Allow it to take the form you wish it to be. Example: if I wanted an earth elemental, which would be green, and I wanted it in the shape of a lizard, I would visualise a green ball of light before me. I would then see the ball of light taking the shape of a lizard.
The artificial elemental is now created.
You should communicate with your elemental telepathically. This means that you simply have to think instead of speaking and the elemental will respond to you the same way. Your first step should be to name your artificial elemental. The first name that comes to your mind when you talk telepathically should be the name you use. When you decide on the name, state aloud or in your mind:
"I name you (insert elemental's name here)".
Once this is done, you should tell your elemental why you created him/her and what their purpose is. Should they stand as a psychic guard? Warn you if there's a problem? Pass on a message psychically to someone? Make their purpose very clear. You may now communicate freely with your elemental as much as you want, and keep it around as long as you like.
Remember than an artificial elemental is a responsibility as much as "owning" any other creature should be. Keep track of it. You may wish to use the "genie in a bottle" method to keep your elemental in one place. Use an empty box to create a "home" for the elemental. Draw the symbol of whatever element you used to create the elemental (see Elemental Symbolism) on the box and telepathically ask your elemental to use the space you have created.
Should you decide you no longer need the elemental, reverse the process you used to create it. First visualize the creature before you, then see it become an ordinary ball of color light again, and then draw that energy back into yourself by simply inhaling deeply.