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Take a deep bowl/cauldron of water and place it in your ritual space (aroom or place you work ritual in or anywhere you cast a circle).
Place 3 black candles around you but not too close.
Place these herbs in the water (it is best if you use very hot/boilingwater in the cauldron for this)
-burnt parchment with wish/spell/request written on it
Allow these herbs 5 minutes to "brew". Stir this if you wish.Strain any herbs still floating off the top but leave all others in thecauldron.
Light some incense heavy in Jasmine and try to get some of the smoke totouch the water by waving your hand over it. Place a clear quartzuntumbled (not smooth) in the cauldron.
Now light the candles and relax. Feel the relaxation begin from your toesand travel all the way up your body to the top of your head (crown chakra).Take as long as you need to in order to fully relax.
Now sit up and look into the cauldron. Relax. If images try to flood yourmind, recognize them and put them to one side.Now gently allow your mind to open. If you had a question, make sure theashes have been throughly mixed in the cauldron so you will now be open andrecepting to the answer you seek.Try to just let the images come without trying to understand them.If you have a dream diary, or large book of shadows, write the images in there.