A Traveling Spell

Before you do the following spells you may wish to perform these first.
To prevent theft:
gather as many keys as you have in your house (should be the # of doors that you have in your house)
Moving slowly through your house, take a key, touch it to the door and say:
"Lock out thieves in the night.
Lock out thieves in the light.
Lock out thieves out of sight."
Repeat this until you have touched each and every key to each door. Then, tie them with a red ribbon and hang over
front door. Remember to visualize them keeping away thieves!
Remember; never leave your bed empty for too long. Doing so may cause unwanted negative energy to settle in your
place. When heading off, clean the bed and tuck a broom into it, bristles on the pillow.
If you are in a strange place you might want to bring along a blue candle. Burning blue while you sleep will help
protect you.
Mirrors are great protection in the bedroom, as it repels negative influences. So put a small one on the headboard
of your bed, or at least facing the door, and you should stay safe throughout the night.
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