Cleansing and Consecrating

There are three basic reasons for cleansing and consecrating:

  1. It removes any negative residue that has attached itself to the item or place.
  2. It melds your positive energy with that of the Universe to bring divinity.
  3. It instills this energy into the object or place for positive purposes.

Cleansing and Consecrating your Sacred Space and Tools

For this ritual you will need:
2 illuminator candles
Pre-blessed water (holy water)
4 element candles (red, blue, brown, yellow)
Incense (sage) and burner
Large pentacle (approx 14")

At sometime during the day you plan to perform the ritual, you should thoroughly clean the sacred space that you intend to dedicate; dusting, vacuming, mopping, whatever. Once you have finished and have double-checked that you have everything, go and take a shower or a bath with scented oil. Choose clothing that is not restrictive, or you may even wish to work skyclad. When you are nearly ready to begin, place each of the element candles at the appropriate compass points. East, yellow or gold candle; South, red or orange candle; West, blue or purple candle; North, green or brown candle. Place the silver candle on the altar.

Light the illuminator candles with the lighter. Going clockwise, light each element candle. Light the incense. Pick up the incense burner and as you walk inside in a clockwise manner. Repeat: With the elements fire and air I cleanse this space.

Shut your eyes and feel the air and fire energy move within the circle. Return to the altar and pick up the chalice of holy water. Sprinkle the holy water as you walk clockwise within the circle and repeat: With the elements water and earth I cleanse this space

Feel the two elements (earth and water) flow clockwise around the circle. Stand in the center of the circle in the Goddess position and say:With the element of spirit and by the powers of the Divine I consecrate this space!

Feel the power of the Goddess and God enter your being and your sacred space, feel the energy build within you and around you then let it go and meld with the Universe.

If you are not cleansing and consecrating any tools or jewellery, you will want to end the ritual here by thanking the God, Godess and any elements for their participation. When you are finished you must ground and close the circle. If you are going to cleanse and consecrate any items then continue with the following steps.

Stand (or kneel) before your altar and pick up the first item to be consecrated. Pass it over the incense and say: By the powers of air and fire I cleanse and consecrate this___________of all it's negativity so that it may be used for positive means within my magickal workings.

Next, sprinkle the item with holy water and say: By the powers of water and earth I cleanse and consecrate this___________of all it's negativity so that it may be used for positive means within my magickal workings.
Now lay the item down on top of your pentacle. Cup your hands together and imagine a growing ball of bright white light within them. When the ball is big enough push it into the heart of the item. Say: By the power of spirit I have empowered this item, may the Lord and Lady's blessing shine upon and through it always. Follow the closing procedure listed previously.

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