To cast, you need to create a sacred space. Usually you need a quiet space where you aren't going to be inturrupted. As I posted previously, get the feel for the energy and when your ready, use a wand or an athame to focus and direct your energy to create a circle of flame around yourself (or whatever imagry suits you) and see it seperating everything within that space from what is without. Now say "I concencrate this circle in the eyes of the elder gods, in the watchful eyes of the Tuatha De Dannann. May my table always be plentiful, may my larder always be full. May I never turn a guest away and may the fairie folk bless and protect my life. To the gods, merry meet and blessed be."

To close: "Now the time for ritual has passed. Oh ye elder gods, leave if you must but stay if you will and walk beside me in all aspects of my life. Blessed be and merry part."

>particular. how do you actually cause the energy you've raised during >a spell, to be sent out to the person its directed to? I would also

Force of will. See the energy going into a talisman or out to do good or affecting something in a particular way to achieve the end you are working towards. Use visualization to see the energy going where you need it to go.

>like to know if anyone knows what persiphone (incense or oil) is? i

An oil or incense which has been made with herbs sacred to the goddess, made on her day, blessed to her and used to invoke her presence.
If you have charcoal, you can make the incense yourself.
If not, buy it from somewhere which carries it.

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