There are many ways to create a sacred space. It is more a result of the focusing of will than of the props and special effects. A properly cast circle can be 'felt' by everyone there.
One way to do this for yourself to begin with is to relax and calm yourself. Now sit in the centre of the space you are going to be casting in. Try to be aware of the subtle energies which are dormant there. Now, gently, reach out with your own inner energy and try to touch that other energy. Once you feel confortable, now you cast.

Standing with something in your 'active' hand like an athame or wand, see your energy flowing out through the athame (or wand) out into a thin blue line of fire (or whatever imagry suits you). Trace your way around the circle until it is complete. Now, take a moment to 'see' this circle of energy in your mind.
Feel it like a swirling cone, a swirling cone of power... touch it ans see if you can manipulate it.
Now feel the energy gathering strength, feel it begin to pick up speed... feel yourself directing it faster, more energetic... feel it fill with power and energy from you, your enviroment, the earth, the core of the earth or he sun, the water that flows through the earth and the air... feel all these elements combine and add power and energy to your circle.
Feel the energy spiral up and become more and more powerful until you feel you may burst then release it or use it in a spell.

Be sure to ground by eating after doing this.

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