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Health Spells*~*~*~*~*~*~*
To Banish Fever:
Inscribe on a red candle:

As you burn the candle visualize the fever being burned away with the flame. Before the candle burns all the way down, quenchwith ice water. The fever should disappear quickly.
To Banish Pain: (this spell is very oldwrite on a piece of paper:
"An ant has no blood nor bile: Flee, unula, lest a crab eat you."
Charge, and wear around neck.
To Bless in All Ways:
Envision the person you intend to bless, concentrating upon this with your eyes closed, and speaking rythmically, feeling eachpart of the blessing as you think it.
"For you, through the power of the Lady, a helmet of light.For you, through the power of the Lady, strength that is growing,strength to strength, and ease and easeful sleep, and gladness spreading, thankfulness spreading through all of your body, all of yourself, in thepower of the Lady, by the power of the Lady, through the power of the Lady."