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A fire Protection Spell.....

IN a clear spot at least twenty feet in diameter, gather together plenty of wood, matches and some water. Taking up one of the sticks of wood draw a rough circle about 11 feet in diameter. Determine the directions and lay a small fire at each point jsut inside the circle; North, East, South and West.
Lay the fires but do not light them. Next to each, place enough fuel to keep them burning at least a half-hour.
Walking to the south first, then so on, light the fire, shouting these words as you do:
"Nothing from the (direction) can harm me!!"
Snatch up a burning stick from the Southern fire and thrust it at the sky above you (please be careful!!!!!) and say:

"Nothing from above" put the stick of the ground "Nor below can harm me" Now sit for a little and let the fire go out, being a sured that all evil around you has been destroyed.

It is done