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Positive action - writing a report, cleaning house, learning, working towards a goal
Take a white candle and some anointing oil. Depending on the desired result, you should choose an oil which corresponds tothis end.
At the time of the full moon, cast a circle or just shut yourself away from all distractions and with the moon shining on yourworking area (if possible. If this is not possible, just visualise the moon while anointing the candle). Place the white candle(preferable a taper) on the altar with the oil. Cast the circle if you wish. Call the Goddess if it feels right. Now, anoint thecandle. Should you wish, you can use a burin to engrave the candle with the spell itself. While you anoint the candle with the oil,speak these words out loud or silently
"Tonight the moon, tomorrow the sun. Let this power build til my will be done. Candle burn down to send my will. This spell becast, for good, not ill."
And once you have anointed the candle, place it in a safe place to it can burn down completely, preferably in sight of the moon.