The Circle of Charging
Before we go into the actual ritual of the circle, first allow me to explain what it is. The circle of charging is not a magic the gathering card, nor from any Rp game I know of. The circle of charging is something we here at the castle thought up not to long ago. As the name suggest, the circle will charge/protect anything you place in the center. AS with everything else in magick, the longer you leave it there, the more powerful it will become.

What you will need:
1) A center piece, with 8 sides and some decoration in the middle.
2) Two (blessed) candles top off with dragon's blood.*
3) Four crystals (Charging by the sun for at least a day.)
4) Two rock offering.* (or just shiny rocks)
5) The item you are charging

To show you how to properly create on, we will be using visial aids, namely the one we have and use.

The first image is from the front, the second from above. Now lets begin...
The first thing you want to do is set up the center piece and bourders. As you can see from the image its not that hard. Our center piece is a ying yang (repesents balance) and 8 sides around it. Now place you biggest and talest cyrstal on the top part. (in the middle of the two blue candles, if you are going by the picture.) This will be the energy grabber and tuner for the circle. Next two this cyrstal (on both sides) place the candles. These will help infuse and call extra power when need (bless you element of fire). Right below that place two more cyrstals, and right below them the two rock offerings. Now at the very bottom you want to put your finest cyrstal (second best if you are using it at the top). Both the top and bottom are power point for you to direct and insert personal power.

See that wasn't hard. Now that the sides are set up, its time to insert your power.

Place your hand on the top cyrstal. Now push your energy* into the circle and have it circle clockwise. Once cast do not move anything or you will have to take down all the items cleanse them, and recharge them.

As for charging the items, just place them in the middle and allow them to soke up the energies. In our case we are chraging Ashka's ring, which houses his elemential guardian. It was charged for one day, it is still working fine. For any item we would recomend at least one day of charging, but in the end its up to you.

Circle Maintenance When you fell the need to apply more personal power into the circle, use the bottom cyrstal to do so.
If you wish to put any other type of energy into it (ex:sun, moon, water...), charge a crystal with in and place it in font of the bottom cyrstal on your circle of charging. this will transfer the energies over.
Ever two months or so, we would suggest dispelling the circle and recharing each of the cyrstals and rocks. You don't have to but it helps.

*(If you do not have it, you may use any herb/oil you have that fell right. If you have not, thats ok too.)
*(A rock offering is any type of rock, that is crushed and placed in a small bottle)
*(Now remember what ever you charge your cyrstal with, it will stay there until you disspell it. So if you charge it with bad energy, anything you place on or around it, will be charged with bad energy. Thats why you only use happy good energies!!!)
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