Psychic Dream Spell

Tools: 1 bottle, piece of silver string, sage, piece of paper (white), blue pen, water


Fill the bottle with water. Add the piece of silver string (silver is psychic color)

Chant: "Silver string, weave my psychic dreams"

Then with the blue pen (blue is a memory color) on a white piece of paper write the Rune of looks something like this (sorry it's sloppy)

Chant: "Blue rune, help me remember my travels in the astral"

Put the paper and sage (purification herb) in the bottle.

Chant: "Sage keep pure these psychic things."

Close the bottle and say: "By the Free Will of All and harm to none, this spell is done. SO MOTE IT BE!"

Place the bottle where it can be seen before you go to sleep each night.

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