Pentagram Ritual for Our-of-body Experience.

Go naked or with only a single loose garment on your body lie on a large white cloth on the floor in the room where you do you rituals. Jewellery and other metal objects should be removed from your body. Lie on a purified large white cloth. your head should be pointing north and your arms outstretched, east to west.
Eyes closed, meditate for a few moments upon the image and form of the pentagram. Think on the thought that through this age-old symbol a mysterious and wonderful experience awaits you.

After this short mediation make a soft and steady blowing motion as if you where blowing out a candle. Now hold your breath and concentrate on the image of the pentagram.
Let go when you cannot hold your breath any longer. now take a deep breath and once again hold it. clench your fists if necessary in order to hold your breath. The moment you cannot hold it any longer let it all out in one go.
Now breath slowly and regularly with the image of the pentagram firmly fixed in your mind.
See the pentagram representing your body. the top of the star is your head;
the horizontal points are your outstretched arms and the lower points are your legs.
Now speak calmly and purposefully:

"In thee, o lady I trust always. I shall leave my body in complete and total safety. Thy presence is always with me. I shall enjoy this experience. In thee I trust so mote it be!" Now think of your body as a garment which you can wear or discard as you please. let your mind dwell on this thought.
Picture yourself rolling over without disturbing your physical body. Visualise this as vividly as you can. Avoid physically moving. Forget about you physical body; pretend it doesn't exist. Now mentally will yourself to raise above your body. you should be absolutely relaxed; there should be no tension in your mentally willing. Be calm, relaxed and unperturbed if you do not feel yourself rise.
You will suddenly be aware that you are floating above your body. You will see your body lying on the floor as if it was a completely separate entity. The sensation will feel strange and a little unnerving, but as you adjust to what's happening the strangeness will give way to exhilaration and wonder.
Now that you are free of all physical limitations you may go wherever you please. I would suggest that on your first our-of-body experience that you simply remain in your own room and enjoy the thrill. on future occasion try further afield.
In order to return to your body you need only to "will" it to be so and within an instant your experience will be over.

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