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Protecting with Wards

: 4/6 wands.

This "setting of the wards spell" is a magical technique for guarding and protecting an area or person.

It is very easy to do. It is all done by envisioning and waiting to receive a protective image. Stand outside the envisioned square/six sided figure and select one corner to star the protecting. You will need be designating the corners black-white-black-white. Call the first corner black and allow the polarity of darkness to be there. With strong intention, start some energy at that corner in order to ward of anything unwanted. Turn to the next corner and make that white. Repeat this possess with all of the corners, while making sure that the order goes black-white-black-white. The have all of the energy from all of the corners blend, causing a full bubble of protection around you/object.

Note: You can also set the wands to protect an area as long as they are there. Ex: house, baby etc...