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Shape shifting
Now please, we can't teach you to change your overall appearance into a deer, a salmon, wolf or an eagle. If you fell disappointed just now because we are not claiming to turn youinto a dragon, PLEASE READ ON!!! We can shape shift slightly to take on things that the animals have.

Ex: speed of a jaggar, strength of a lion and so on.

Also we shape shift for protection, for exploration, for understanding from the perspective of all existences, and for tapping into the creative energies of the universe.
This is a simple and yet complex rite. First you must pick the animal you wish to take on. You must have a need, it can't be just a baby thing. Meditate on this animal, on the things you wish to take in. Once you can Fell the power and life-force of that animal, start letting the stuff of the animal you want in. Fell it taking over your body, with you still in control. When done, release the energies to return to normal.
When performing this, start simple. Do not get out off hand.