Dragon Book of Shadows
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Dragon Book of Shadows

"The sun is out, the day is bright.
The dragons Dance upon the grass.
And the trees and flowers brilliant.
On the winds they pass.
In and out among the clouds.
They frolic in the light
Sliding down the sunbeams,
Dragons crystal bright.
When the Sun has passed beyond,
Mountains turned purple-blue,
The dragons dance on through the night
On strands of Moon-lit dew.
They strands to strains of music
Unheard by human ears,
As they have danced through eons,
Untouched by human years.
Teach me lovely dragons,
to dance with joy life's plan,
To lift myself to higher planes
Above the limits of common man."
(Dancing with dragons)

Welcome, douth thou seek the wisdom and magick of the dragons? Well then thou has come to the right place.

A dragon blessing
Dragon Fire