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Dragon Blessing

This rite is to clease and bless the ritual tools that you use during your works. This rite involes asking dragons to lend you some magic to store in your tools.
This rite is best done full or bright moon.

Begin the rite by going east. With your forefinger of your power hand (the hand you write with) "draw" your magical circle on the floor of the ritual area. While moving clockwise drawing the circle say
"By dragon power this circle is sealed.
Return to you altar space, sprinkle some salt on the four corners and say
"Out of the darkness of Earth and Sea come this blessed salt. By dragon power, i call you purified"
Now take up each tool separately. Based on what you have say the following:
"Sword of elements fire, O (name of sword),
By dragon power i call you purified"

"Chalic of water & earth by dragon power i call you purified."

"Bowl of the Earth, holder of powers and land far distant and
near, by dragons power i call purified"

"Wand of air, wielder of might and magick,
by dragon power I call you purified.

"Staff of Spirit, Authority and power are yours.
by dragon power i call you purified

Water bottles
"Containers of waters, link to the great sea &
rivers, by dragon power i call you purified"

Gong, finger cymbals, or bell
"You elements of air, whose misical notes reach
the draagon worlds, by dragon power i
call you purified

"Eyes of nature, eyes of dragons, eys of the universe, your element of earth,
by dragon power i call you purified"

Herb/oils (as you get them)
"Herbs/oils of the earth, given by light and darkness, by dragon power i call you purified.

Now just allow magick of nature/dragons to fill you circle, after awhile thank the powers summoned and dispell the circle.