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On this page We have listing some color associations that we have found. Please keep in mind that theses may or may not work for thou. We am listing them because we find these to be the most common ones

Yellow: is an excellent colorfor those involved with divination

Purple: favored for workingwith pure divie power. Or used when you wish to deepen your spiritual awareness of the God and Goddess.

Blue: is best suited forhealing and psychic work.

Green: pure Earth power,our MOTHER! can be used with anything dealing with earth.

Brown:attune with animals

White: pure spirituality, and also used for meditiationand when doing "moon" work

Orange or Red:Sabbats colors, or for attuning with fire and protection.

Black: attuning with theuniversial power. Also goes with pure protection and absence of falsehood.

Indigo or Turquoise: meditation,neutralize anothers magick, stop gossip, lies or undesirable competition.Balance out of karma.

Magenta: Very high vibrational frequencey that thends to work fast. Quick working magic uses.