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So what is an Aura anyway?

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A definition of the Aura :   A single- or multi- colored light produced by heat energy and electromagnetic energy that emenates off the body

of all things.  It is a psychic field of energy surrounding both animate and inanimate bodies.  The reading of auras has been practiced since ancient

times and is known to all cultures.  Used for analyzing hidden character traits, diagnosing illness and disease, and prognostication.



Before you can learn to use/see/understand the aura, you must first understand the history of this very natural thing.


The history of the aura goes back to indigenous peoples mystics of the middle age, and artisans from all eras who have all described or illustrated the aura as a rainbow of radiant, luminescent, glowing, and coloured lights around living entities. Pretty amazing huh? This means not only is the concept of the aura older than most dirt, it’s also stand the test of time. Now the earliest reference to an aura, (at least what we have found), was made by a guy named Pythagoras. For all the people who are not hardcore math historians out there Pythagoras was the guy who formulated the theorem a squared + b squared = c squared. In 500 B.C. he also wrote an essay, which shocked the scientific community at the time. Pythagoras said, "that every human being has a light radiating from them that reflects their current state of mind." That’s right kiddies he was talking about auras. Sadly this knowledge would fall to the way side (mostly in mainstream) when Christianity starts taking over, seems such natural energy fields were evil.  Now this doesn’t mean all “occult” knowledge was wiped off the planet, actually it was just kept within very enclosed circles. Now skipping a head x amount of years, we hit the year 1939. Around this time two Russian guys named Semyon and Valentina Kirlian discovered a camera that could capture the aura field on film. Best of all this little camera of theirs was discovered completely by accident! Fast forward a few years more (late 1940’s) and we see that the same two Russians begin some serious research in the aura field and how it affects the body and everything around it. What they found (or more like rediscovered) was that the aura field seem to change with the person and interacted with other aura fields. They also found that every thing seemed to have its own aura field. Now being the consumers we are, it was only a matter of time before technology and research came to America. It wasn’t until the later 1970’s but what is now called Kirlian photography (uses a high voltage camera which provides a method for converting the non- electrical properties of an object into electrical properties.) hit the USA. Believe it or not Kirlian photography became the first real scientific method of capturing the glow or energy field surrounding a living subject. In it's infant stages, this method of measuring the aura could only capture a small portion of the energy field. Although, proving the aura existed, was in itself a big step in the right direction. I mean think about it, when was the last time you hear a scientist would even look at a spiritual truth?


Now lets fast forward a bit again and we hit the 1980’s. Goddesses bless open-minded people, for they really picked up seemingly “super natural” things and keep them alive. So what am I talk about, well starting in the early 1980’s alternative health practices started popping up. Some of these include holistic healing, aroma therapy, color therapy, and massage therapy. But one thing many of these “new” parishioners have in common is an increased awareness of self and an understanding of how the mind/body/spirit connection determines good or bad health. In plain English, they saw how the aura works and put it to good use. Sadly traditional sciences still could not prove and therefore would not acknowledge that such energy fields existed. Medical sciences just were not ready to use this 'newly' discovered energy as a tool or insight into their patients' health Thus the value of aura interpretation as a tool for diagnosis was often discounted. 10 bucks for an aura cleansing, 50 for “proven” prescription medicine… guess we can guess why they wont accept it. Even more sad is that over time the mere idea became preposterous and those who believed they could see an aura around a living object were often thought of as mentally ill or just a little weird. So there you go a brief history  of the good old energy field that everyone has. So now we know the history, but what in Tartaros is it?


Well imagine a space filled with radiant light. Energy flows and swirls through it in bright colors. This life energy moves around you, as you sit nestled safely in the center. This place is your aura: your own personal universe. It is your protection, and your playground. It constantly moves and changes, as you move and change. Auras come in every color of the rainbow. A human aura has seven layers, or levels. The colors and energies in your aura can change in a short period of time, although you may have a basic color, or combination of colors, that stays constant. These colors are your signature. Think of them as your "favorite colors." These colors are part of your personality-they make you an individual because they reflect your life experience. Truth be told all living things (yes everything including people plants animals the rock and so on) have it. When we associated an aura to a person, it can give use the heads up on their spiritual, emotional and physical status. For example we can tell when they are at peace or pissed off, content or raring to go. Also the same can be said for animals and plants, yes for plants and animals are people too.




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