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Here you will find of list of aura or life colors that correspond with general personality traits or states of mind. Please keep in mind this is a general list, and does not and will not pertain to every single person.  

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Mental Tan
-You are methodical in your thinking.
-As a leader, you solicit lots of detailed information from others in order to make decisions.
-You have difficulty sharing your emotions and feelings with others.
-You like social activities that combine business and pleasure.
-You prefer a spiritual belief system that relies on a foundation of laws and principles.
-To you, money is security.
-You enjoy working with mechanical devices such as computers, calculators, and stereo equipment.

-You have a strong inner desire to make your mark on the world.
-Social get-togethers such as cocktail parties bore you.
-You would rather be the theorist of a project, and leave the building of the working model to someone else.
-You are not "free and easy" when spending money on others.
-You lead by telling people what to do.
-You feel compelled to do something significant with your life.
-Possessions are important to you as stepping-stones to power and influence.


-You resent emotional and domestic demands made on you.
-You prefer occupations that have unlimited financial opportunity, such as sales.
-You diagnose problems by recognizing patterns.
-You see God as the "brain" that created the universe.
-You prefer a few specially chosen friends who stimulate you intellectually.
-You find great satisfaction in assisting people by giving ideas and information.
-To you, ideas are things, not mental abstractions.


-Esoteric spiritual or political philosophies have great emotional and intellectual appeal to you.
-When you have money, you spend it; when you don't, you don't.
-You are a dreamer who likes to live in the fantasies you create.
-You express your sexuality creatively, intuitively, and experimentally.
-Your artistic pursuits often keep you indoors.
-You prefer a somewhat isolated existence rather than one in which you would have to conform to society's expectations.
-You see ideas as three-dimensional patterns.

-You seek the unusual or avante-garde.
-You are a non-conformist.
-You are a spontaneous person.
-You are attracted to products that have unusual or unexpected design features.
-You form loose friendships that are not encumbered with bonds of expectation.
-When you see something that you like, you choose to have your fantasy now and pay later.
-You express your spirituality through your strong connection to nature.

-You cry easily.
-You have a hard time saying no when someone asks you to do them a favor.
-The experience of God's love is the spiritual force in your life.
-When looking for a job, you have difficulty asking for the salary you deserve.
-You feel more comfortable sharing the leadership by being a co-chairperson.
-You do not enjoy endurance sports such as cross-country skiing or weight-lifting.
-When making a decision, you try to find a solution that will please everyone.

Nurturing Tan
-You are not judgmental or critical of the ways in which others express their emotions or feelings.
-You organize projects by creating systems.
-You look for ways to improve your community.
-You feel that raising a well-educated child is the greatest contribution you can make to your community.
-You financially support community groups and programs that benefit society.
-You feel that spiritual principles must have practical application in the real world.
-You lead others by incorporating their feelings into the decision-making process.

-You are at ease in any environment where healing is the primary activity or occupation.
-You depend on other people for clues on how you should act in various social situations.
-You rarely show your deepest feelings.
-You enjoy reading biographies and diaries that describe the lives of real people.
-Your source of personal power is your ability to mentally retreat inward.
-You prefer quiet, introspective, spiritual disciplines.
-You work best in an environment that is calm and peaceful with limited contact with others.

-When faced with a dangerous task, you carefully plan how to handle any crisis that may arise.
-You meet physical challenges without fear.
-You prefer activities that allow you to demonstrate physical prowess.
-You prefer individual competition rather than team effort.
-You are not interested in organized religion or other belief systems.
-You prefer to work for a commission, or even as a freelancer, rather than for a regular, fixed salary.
-You do not need friends or social interactions to be happy.

Physical Tan
-You are a loner.
-You are slow to choose friends.
-You evaluate objects by how solid or substantial they feel.
-You are slow to commit to any belief system.
-You are meticulous in following instructions given to you by your supervisor.
-You believe that to be a good leader, you must first be a good follower.
-To you, money represents physical safety and stability.

Loving Tan
-When solving problems, you are able to visualize all the steps and the solution at the same time.
-You do not require emotional loyalty to effectively mentor someone.
-You are attracted to religions with strong theological structures that allow for personal interpretation.
-You eagerly seek to please those you love and care about.
-You prefer social gatherings where you have an opportunity to talk to many different people.
-You have difficulty managing money effectively.
-You have difficulty keeping track of personal possessions.

-You have no biases about sexuality--heterosexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality.
-In school, you learn most effectively in an unstructured environment.
-You lead by forcing others to rethink and reexamine old beliefs, values, and ways of doing things.
-You perceive spirituality to be in everything you do.
-You need to be awakened slowly from a sound sleep to avoid being irritable or in physical pain.
-You cannot be coerced into doing something in which you are not interested.
-You are content to work with your hands.

-You prefer working at jobs that are physically demanding.
-For you, sex is physical pleasure.
-When you lose your temper, you get over it quickly.
-If you have enough money to buy the necessities, you are happy.
-When playing a team sport, you rally the team when the chips are down.
-You experience spirituality when you physically participate in the worship service.
-You want to know how and why things work the way they do.

-You react physically (with sweaty palms, for example) before you respond to a situation mentally or emotionally.
-When you find yourself in a tense situation, you want to run away or pretend it does not exist.
-You are not cynical.
-You experience God as the physical sensation of the joy of being alive.
-You like parties.
-You lead others with enthusiasm because you enjoy being with people.
-You enjoy working in occupations that require physical activity.



- The color of protection.

- May reflect a person who is hiding something.

- It may possibly indicate imbalances as well.



- This is the color of love.

- It represents compassion, and possibly a love of art and beauty.

- Darker or muddier shades of pink may point to an individual who is immature.



- Many times this is one of the first colors you will see in an aura. However, when it is a true and strong color of the aura, it reflects purity and truth.



- This could reflect a person who is very "earthy" and that a person is establishing new roots.

- If it is seen in the chakras, it may mean that a person's energy is in some way being blocked.


Silver Lights or Twinkles

- Seeing these in a person's aura may mean that they are pregant, or have been or may soon be.

- Seeing this may indicate a person who is allowing great creativity in their life.


Black Spots

- The presence of black spots in the aura may indicate that it is imbalanced in some areas.

- May mean that the person has some negative habits that he or she should work on.

- Meditation helps reduce these spots, as does things like exercise and sunlight.