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~~ Raven Ryo ~~


me, myself and I

Name (witch one): Raven Ryo

Age: 20 human Years. Many Gaurdian years.

Path: Wiccan. ^_^ But more so Dragon Magick. (the best stuff on Earth)


 Dragon: Tiamat and Grael,

Wiccan: Pan, Apollo, Athena, Diana

Love: Bast

Spirit Guide: Female: Fox (kit) Male: Zebra (Onkh)

A short bio about you: For about nine years now I have practiced my religion, but only in the recent few years have I started with Dragon magick, Upon finding myself to be of draconic decent. I realized that I could see small spirit dragons which took a liking to me. I also have a large Gaurdian Dragon who protects my chakras and guides me. I along with the coven, practice mostly natural and white magick. Only Occasionally dipping into black to balance our powers. I am of fyre element but work well with earth as well. *wags tail* Let's see. I have a deep love for animals, so I tend to lean alot towards animal magick as well. If you haven't guessed dragons are also one of my obsessions. I've always liked foxes as was ecstatic when I learned of Kit being my first guide. I have a deep longing for a tail. I swear i was born with one but of course my muggle parents wanted it gone. For now I settle for a big fluffy fox tail. So if you see someone walking around with a tail, don't me frightened it's just me.

This Dragon's Lair Yes, I joined the bandwagon. (beware Strong content used.)

Feel free to catch this dragonfox by Way of Instant message to: EvenVixen
Email At:

I bid all of you a Good Eve.