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~~ Feanaro Ryo Winter~~

Greetings good traveler. Its good to hear that thou wishes to learn more of me. I hope this page shall bring you all you need to know of me.
  me, myself and I

Name: (Mortal Realm) Hank

Eleven Name: (and one I would like to go by) Feanaro Ryo

Age: 21 years of age.

Path in Wicca: I am an elastic witch. Right now it’s a blend of Egyptian, Celtic and good old fashion nature loving.

God/dess: Horus the Sun God and Basset the cat Goddess

Are you part of a coven/group: Yes I am.

Spirit Animal: (Male) the wolf dhill, (Female) the dolphin Cyceleste,(Astral guardian) the dragon Feiful

Reason for a bad pic: I blame it on the camera ^_^


More: As you know I am Feanaro. I have been a Wiccan for about 10 years and tend to be for years to come. Although I spend much of my time at work I always find time for magic workings. Along with the Ryo coven, I try to keep in tune with my magic side as much as possible. Some of my obsessions include elves and angels and anything mythological. I have been told that I have a serious elf complex and believe my soul to have Elven origins. Although I am physically bound to a human body, my soul is that of an Ancient Elf. And you know, chicks dig the ears. And of course Arwen is my hunney bunny.


Ramblings from the other side of the imagination.
My live journal: Yep I have one too::hangs head in shame::

If you ever want to IM me, you can do so at FeanaroRyo on Aol, Aim, or yahoo.

You can also email me too!