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Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows

Windows series are excellent products of Microsoft. Although some technology of Windows is not as good as UNIX, they are still of the best operating systems running on PCs. Products of Linux are cheap, but they are not supported by so many kinds of software as Windows series are.
It is really a pity that Microsoft developed its operating system on a too large scale. Windows series are large, and are getting larger and larger. If such situation happened on Linux, it would not be as bad as such situation happening on Microsoft. This is because the source code of Linux is open, and they will be debugged by a much larger number of people. Microsoft Windows series are not open-source. They are only debugged by Microsoft itself.
See the following to decide whether Windows series are good or not:
  1. Windows series are wide spread.
  2. Windows series are not very expensive (only for home users on mature products), but more expensive than Linux.
  3. Windows series are supported by most popular softwares.
  4. Windows series are usually not strong enough for high security.
  5. Windows series are buggy.
  6. Windows series are big.
  7. Windows ME and earlier 9x versions are unstable and insecure.
  8. Windows NT series after 2004 are stabler and securer.
  9. Source codes of Windows are closed, owned by Microsoft.
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