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RM's Download Page

Name: You Are God!
A god simulation game where you tell your followers what they should do with there lives, hopefully then they wont sit and watch there town burn down, or a monster eating there children.

You Are God! Advanced!
A more advanced version of You Are God it includes new disasters and even two new occupations! (this game is by no means finished, so some options are disabled.)

Name: Washu's LAB
A Program for those Tenchi Muyo fans out there, ask Washu or A&B a question and get a response.. well maybe not a response that makes sense... but still a response! (this isn't actually a game, more just a strange piece of fanware. as it says I don't own Tenchi Muyo, Washu, A&B, or for that matter anything else mentioned in the program.)

Name: (Hasn't been named yet)
A dungeon crawl RPG, fight monsters, get items, discover ancient treasures... well okay the code is there but technically you cant do anything but explore the first level, get the first items, and kill a monster, ect. if anyone wants to help me with this program I would be happy to accept there assistance. (this game is so under development it doesn't even have an intro, I just thru something on it so that when I posted no one killed me. lol)

I have a few other games I am going to post, but right now I am having a little fight with my compiler, I hope to have them posted in the next few days... hope being the key word.

legal stuff: except for Washu's LAB I own all of these games, and would appreciate it if they weren't distributed yet, I will have copies soon that can be distributed, but not these please.



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