LAB is not an RPG per say it is more a completely customizable system that's current main purpose is to create real time virtual worlds and games that all taking advantage of the natural abilities of the mind to generate them. The virtual worlds created in LAB can be anything war torn RPGs, elaborate chat rooms, places to host long distance education classes, works of none graphical art, or even the expression of philosophies and thoughts. After a user has proven him/herself he/she is given the right to design and create his own sections of LAB using a simple to understand easy to use system of Dimention and system creation.

 Most areas on LAB are very social but if you are the type of person who would prefer to use LAB alone or with a group of friends it can be set so that the other players are not resent in your individual LAB session.

 In the area of RPGs LAB allows total freedom basically if you can think it you can build it and play it in LAB with out much work. LAB has no theme an RPG could be set in ancient England or space age Japan anything is possible. Character creation takes advantage of a stats optional system meaning stats may be added but are not needed to enter LAB. The core of a character includes nothing more than a description and a name.

LAB is based on the design of MU*s and even thought LAB is not run by a computer it shares many things in common with MU*.


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