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Update for 7/7/2002: Chapter 27's up... The only reason this one took so long is that I've been toying around with a new style of narration, and decided to try it out on this chapter... Needless to say, it gave me a LOT of trouble, and so the chapter took forever and a day, and wound up only being about half as long as I'd intended, because I wasn't going to spend another month working on one chapter...

Anyhow, being as this is an experimental chapter format, I'd REALLY appreciate any and all feedback on what you think of it. Don't be afraid to tell me if you think it sucks, because I'm not sure how I feel about it myself... That's why I only did half the intended chapter length in this format. If it goes over well, I'll finish the second half as chapter 28 in the same format, and then maybe use it on later chapters (though not all of them, obviously)... If not, I'll leave 27 as it is, and 28 will go back to the old format. So yeah... Go give it a look, and then shoot me an e-mail to let me know what you thought. Thanks!

Update for 6/5/2002: Right, so I know it's really really late... Gosh, it's been almost a month... Chapter 25 is finally up. Sorry for the wait, folks, but updates SHOULD get better now.

Update for 5/9/2002: Chapter 24 is up! Sorry for the delay, but with finals, projects, and everything else coming due, life's been a little hectic. Just another week, though, and my Sophomore year of college will be over! Then I can devote more time to writing. Thanks so much for sticking with me, folks, and look for 25 sometime in the near future.

Update for 4/27/2002: Okay, so it's been a while since I posted an update, but I've been really busy! If you haven't been here in a bit, chapters 22 and 23 are now up, and there's a new pic by the mighty Willow Ayala available for your viewing pleasure, as well. Chapter 24 should be up sometime by the middle of this coming week, but I'll have to see how my school and work schedules are going to fit around that. That's all for now, so enjoy the chapters and the new art, and thank you all SO much for your continued interest in my work! Oh, and don't forget to stop in at Willow Ayala's site (it's the first link on the main page), to have a look at some of his other incredible artwork, and his very own one-man musical operation, System id.

Update for 4/8/2002: Hmmm... 22's going to be delayed... Seems I have some things to do for my educational psychology class that will take precedence... But in the meantime, check out the awesome new sketch by Willow Ayala!!!

Update 2 for 4/5/2002: Apparently there are some problems loading the entirety of chapter 21. It is VERY long, so if it seems like it stops at an odd place, try pressing your browser's "refresh" button... That seems to solve the problem and load the rest of the chapter. That's all for now!

Update for 4/5/2002: Alright, so it took a while, but I think it was worth the wait! Chapter 21 is now available for your perusal, and as soon as I get permission from Willow Ayala, there will be a new piece of artwork he has done for the book for you to view as well! Hope everyone has a good weekend. I myself am headed to Rockford to visit Mr. Eeeeeevil Ayala himself, so I won't be around, but 22 will be out by the end of Sunday, promise!

Update for 3/29/2002: Chapter 20 is now up! Click on the link to my novel to go give it a read! Expect Chapter 21 sometime on either Saturday or Sunday. I hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend, and I thank you all for the time you've been spending reading my novel!

Update as of 3/28/2002: I have moved the body of my novel to a subdirectory to conserve linking space. You will now find it under the link entitled "Click Here..."

Further chapter updates will be posted here on the main page as they become available.

The image of Riovanes and Gabrielle at the top of this page appears courtesy of Willow Ayala, and is Copyright 2002 Thirdpersona Design.

Hmmm... As some of you who will visit this page may already know, one of my dreams is to someday be a writer... Every writer-to-be has to start from somewhere, though, and also needs feedback in order to get from that somewhere to where they want to be... To that end, I have decided to start posting chapters for a novel I'm writing here. I don't know how often they'll be up... Probably as often as I have time to write them, since I've got classes to take care of and such... I'll provide a link to my e-mail, and I would appreciate any and all feedback, be it supportive or critical.

Additionally, from time to time, I'll be throwing short stories I write occasionally onto this page. Feel free to give those a read too.

Many thanks go out to the people of the Soul Reaver 2 bulletin board for the incredible amount of support and enthusiasm they've shown for this project. Special thanks to Willow Ayala for doing all the artwork that goes along with the book. Look for more of his exceptional work as time goes on, and a link to his sites, if he ever decides to cough them up!!!

Thanks in advance for the time and effort you'll spend reading my work, and thank you SO much for helping me work toward my dream!


Oh, and before I forget... All work on this page, unless noted otherwise, is Copyright 2002... So BLAH!

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