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For Tarot Card readings I charge $5.00 a session.

When I send you, offline letter or email (your decision), your reading
results I will explain the lay out, what the cards mean and what your
reading revealed. I right now use Lakota Sweat Lodge cards or
Shaman cards. You decide which deck you want used.
I will be adding decks to the list as time goes by.
There is not a limit to questions, and I will do more then one reading,
for a session if you have multiple questions. I do not charge
by the minute as Miss Cleo does.

If you have any questions, or want a reading email me with the link below!


What you get:

You decide which deck I read from, more will be offered as time goes by.
I will explain the layout i read from .
I will explain every card i draw for you as i interpert the layout.
You get a real live person drawing cards for you, not a computer.

What I need from you:

What topic, if not a general reading, you want done
Your first name and/or alias
What deck you want reading from
If you have a general question i need the question
Interested in having a reading done? Email me for
more details!