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For Dream Interpreting I charge $3.00 a dream.

You can have as many dreams as you want interpreted. I have been
interpreting dreams for years as it is part of my spiritual path. I will analyze
your dream in all aspects, for example symbolic and psychological,
writing out all that I find.
When I send you, offline letter or email (your decision), your reading
results I will explain the dreams meaning,
giving examples and in-depth detail for symbolism.


What you get:

You get a written out, detailed, description of what your dream
can mean from many aspects.

A glimpse into what your unconscious is trying to tell you.

What I need from you:

Your dream(s) with as many details as you can remember,
down to colors, animals etc.
Any worries or questions you think your unconscious is trying to tell you.
Interested in having your dreams interperted ?
Email me for more details!